Like anyone would be
I am flattered by your fascination with me
Like any hot-blooded woman
I have simply wanted an object to crave
But you, you’re not allowed
You’re uninvited
An unfortunate slight

The 1944 movie starring Ray Milland was inspiration for the title and the idea for the song Uninvited, eventually performed by Alanis Morissette.  This is one of my favorite movies.  

In the movie they perform a séance to speak to the ghost haunting their home.  It reminded me of when I had a sleep over with friends, we were about 13 years old, and for some reason there was a Ouija board in the house.  My friends and I decided to see if we could talk to Elvis Presley who died in Aug. of ’77.   Michael Jackson knew I was a fan of Elvis and eventually brought Lisa Marie Presley to meet me after I told him we were the same age, born about a month apart.

All the artists were surprised to find that I was a fan of The Alan Parsons Project.  Parsons who worked on the Beatles’ Abby Road and Let It Be, and engineered Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.  From the ’76 album “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” I learned to appreciate and recite Edgar Allen Poe’s dark Gothic poem “The Raven”.

The ’77 album titled “I Robot” inspired the 2004 movie starring Will Smith of the same name.   The song Day after Day (The Show Must Go On) from the “I Robot” album inspired me to write The Show Must Go On for Queen’s 1991 album Innuendo and Def Leppard’s song Day after Day released in 2000 on the Euphoria album.   Other albums and songs by The Alan Parson’s Project and Parsons solo albums inspired other songs and much more.

In 1993 Alan Parsons released a solo album titled “Try Anything Once”.  The one song which I loved to use as inspiration from this album was “Turn It Up”.  The surrealistic music video for the song was inspiration for the ’98 film City of Angels starring Tom Cruise’s Top Gun co-star Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage (who would be briefly married to Lisa Marie Presley).   The song “Uninvited” performed by Alanis Morissette was featured in the movie. 


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Singer, Songwriter, Founder of Evanescence. Discovered by Joe Elliott of Def Leppard & a yet unknown Kurt Cobain May '83 at the age of 15. View all posts by realamylee1234

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