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My Immortal Origin

The title for the song My Immortal was inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s  unsent letter to the mysterious person he referred to as  Immortal Beloved written 6-7 July, 1812 at the Bohemian Spa in Teplitz.

Amy means Beloved and my Bohemian great great grandfather was named Ludwig.

(The document is part of my great grandmother’s death certificate showing her father’s name as Ludwig and her mother’s as Mary Maresh)

I have also found my great great grandfather on the 1800’s Texas Census showing his origins as Prussia.

Kurt Cobain knew the story of me meeting my Bohemian side of the family as a little girl.  I remembered when they spoke German it scared me.  Though having been in America for a while, they still wore a very traditional wardrobe.  This is why he would make the claim of being a Bohemian artist.

The lyrics were again inspired by someone I cared very deeply about, but it was an impossible relationship.

In 1994 Gary Oldman, who had starred in Kurt Cobain’s ’86 brain-child (Love Kills) Sid & Nancy and with Tom Cruise in the ’88 film The Firm, starred as Ludwig Van Beethoven in Immortal Beloved.