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Cocktails & Dreams

I am the last barman poet.  I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make.  Americans getting stinky on something I stir or shake.   The sex on the beach, the schnapps made from peach, the velvet hammer, the Alabama slammer...” – Tom Cruise in 1988 Cocktail

The “poem” alludes to “you’ve got the peaches” used in the lyrics for Pour Some Sugar On Me which I co-wrote with Joe Elliott.  I also used “peach and black” in the lyrics for U Got The Look performed by Prince & Sheila E.  The rest is taken from the University of Alabama college football cheer “Rammer jammer, yellowhammer, give’em hell Alabama.”

Tom and I were discussing the plot for the movie, before the script was written.  He asked what I would name the bar and off the top of my head said, “Cocktails & Dreams”. 

There are only a few people who really know how proud I have been to watch Tom’s career over the years and he made me feel a part of it.  It’s not something I talk about, except in letting his career inspire me when coming up with new songs.  One such song happen to be “Raise Your Glass” performed by Pink.

“Right, right, turn off the lights
We’re gonna lose our minds tonight
What’s the dealio?
I love when it’s all too much
5 a.m. turn the radio up
Where’s the rock ‘n roll?”

“5 a.m” was a reference to Alarm Clock used in the lyrics for Imaginary performed by Evanescence and Tik Tok performed by Ke$ha.  This also lead into naming Nikki Sixx’s band Sixx A.M.

Even lines in the movie inspired verses in Raise Your Glass.  Bryan Brown as Doug:  “When you see the color of their panties, you know you’ve got talent. Stick with me son and I’ll make you a star.”

“Party crasher, panty snatcher
Call me up if you’re a gangsta
Don’t be fancy, just get dancy
Why so serious?”

The drink “Alabama Slammer” inspired the next line:

Slam, slam, oh hot damn
What part of a party don’t you understand?”

Origin of the $ in Ke$ha’s Name

Hot and dangerous
If you’re one of us then roll with us
‘Cause we make the hipsters fall in love
When we got our hot pants on and up

And yes of course we does
We runnin’ this town just like a club
And no, you don’t wanna mess with us
Got Jesus on my necklace-ace-ace – We Are Who We Are performed by Ke$ha

This is another song I wrote for the artist known as Ke$ha.  “Jesus on my necklace” happen to be a reference to where I got the idea for the dollar sign in her name (Michael Hutchence ’90’s).

In the song We Are Who We Are, I again make reference to Alan Parsons song Turn It Up in the lyrics.  The stuttering in the song came from my brother having stuttered as a child.

Ke$ha Origins

In the early 80’s Def Leppard briefly toured with the Southern rock band Blackfoot.  Members of Blackfoot grew up in Jacksonville, Florida with members of Lynyrd Skynyrd who are honorary Alabamians for their ’74 hit song Sweet Home Alabama recorded as a response to Neil Young’s songs Alabama and Southern Man, which dealt with themes of racism and slavery in the South. 

Both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot recorded albums at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, as did many other famous artists.

I chose the name Ke$ha for the daughter of the legendary R&B singer Millie Jackson, of Georgia, who recorded at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios.  She is R&B singer Keisha Jackson. 

In September of ’83 Def Leppard finished the U.S. and Canada portion of their Rock Till You Drop tour.  In October they set off on their European portion with the British all-girl band Rock Goddess.  During the school holidays, at the end of November, Def Leppard had quite a bit of free time from the tour and Joe Elliott flew in to take me to Madrid, Spain.  After checking in at the hotel, Kurt Cobain and I went to see Rock Goddess perform.  We arrived late and I only was able to get to see them perform a couple of songs.  I was really impressed by such young performers though.

Kurt took me onstage to meet the lead singer for the band.  It didn’t take long for her to realize I was from the South.  She mentioned that Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, Jerry Hall, was from the south.  I excused myself and pulled Kurt off to the side of the stage and told him to remember this line:

“The dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger, but we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger”

Inspired by the history of Lynyrd Skynyrd, when around 1972 guitarist Ed King of the band Strawberry Alarm Clock joined the band, I was able to finish the song that became Tik Tok.

At some point, Michael Jackson brought Sean Combs to meet me and I gave him the nickname P Diddy.  I liked him right off and over the years Sean continued to fly in when his career allowed.