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Born on the Fourth of July !Because baby you’re a firework!

I am your living dead. I am your Memorial Day on wheels. I am your Yankee Doodle Dandy.  Your John Wayne come home.  Your Fourth of July firecracker exploding in the grave.” –  Former U.S. Marine Sergeant Ron Kovic, July 16, 1976

I really have nothing to say about the ’89 movie Born on the Fourth of July inspired by the life of former U.S. Marine Sergeant and activist Ron Kovic, except that it is a brilliant movie beautifully portrayed by my friend Tom Cruise.

The articles about Kovic did inspired me to write the song “Firework” portrayed by another of my alter egos Katy Perry.  She was given the stage name for singer, songwriter and music producer Linda Perry who claims to have written songs for artists which I actually wrote.

 This is a part of the article which I quoted above and inspired the song Firework and also Living Dead Girl performed by Rob Zombie.  His stagename “Zombie” comes from Michael Jackson’s zombies in the music video for Thriller and Rob for my dad’s name Robert.

The story behind the song Dragula released in ’98 and performed by Zombie is actually true except that I had already used “monsters” in the song Imaginary.  For some reason I started watching reruns of The Munsters, I was still just a kid.  I did suggest the jesters in the music video because of Motley Crue and for Jester call name in Top Gun.  

“Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry”

“Angels cry” was a reference to the ’98 movie City of Angels which I wrote the song Uninvited performed by Alanis Morrissette.  I will talk about the inspiration behind the movie and the song later.

“Dead I am the pool, spreading from the fool”

The pool is a reference to Def Leppard’s ’81 album cover for High ‘n’ Dry.  Kurt Cobain used this as inspiration for Nirvana’s ’91 album cover for Nevermind.  The fool is a reference to Def Leppard’s song Foolin released on their ’83 album of Pyromania.