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Lies of the Beautiful People Origin

“Well if you think real beauty’s on the outside
Well that’s a far cry
From the truth
Maybe all the information you received
Well you should not believe
There’s no proof
Save yourself from all the lies of the beautiful people
It’s time to run from the lies of the beautiful people” Lies of the Beautiful People performed by Sixx: A.M.

Not long after Joe Elliott and I met we were talking about my favorite Beatles song which happened to be Helter Skelter.  At the time I didn’t know of the California band by the name of Motley Crue who had been performing a cover of the song  which would be released in September of that year on the “Shout at the Devil” album. 

We talked about the meaning of the song and I found out there was actually an amusement ride called “Helter Skelter” in England.  I had a collection of Beatles songs which included the song, but not the White album which had been released the year I was born, 1968.  Joe proceed to tell me and Kurt Cobain the sordid history of the White album and the song. 

The term ‘helter skelter’ was far less well known in the US.  To the psychopath Charles Manson it was a coded prophecy for an apocalyptic race war (or Armageddon).  This is why Kurt at one point drew an “X” on his forehead and had his picture taken.  Def Leppard would release the song Armageddon It on the Hysteria album in 1987.

It wasn’t long after this discussion that I met Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue who in February of ’83 had performed at the US Fest in California with INXS.  (This is when Tommy Lee gave me the nickname Bullwinkle.)

Joe took some time off in June from the Rock Till You Drop tour, claiming a sore throat, while we all worked on new songs.   About this time Pete Willis left the band and they called in their friend Phil Collen of the band Girl to fill the vacancy.  They went back to California to the movie studios and filmed the original music video for Photograph with the stabbing knife at the beginning and using images of Marilyn Monroe.  Joe later made a second version with a black cat like mine at the beginning (see The Pussycat Dolls to Papa Don’t Preach post).

After coming up with the song The Beautiful People I also came up with the stagename “Marilyn Manson” for Def Leppard’s use of Marilyn Monroe in Photograph and the story about Helter Skelter and Charles Manson drawing a connection to Motley Crue.

This is also where I came up with the stagename for Eminem (M&M for Marilyn Manson) after writing songs which he would perform.  It was Michael Jackson’s suggestion for the spelling of the name.

I would go on to make up the song Beautiful performed by Christina Aguilera after Courtney Love gave me a compliment.  Courtney and I did not get along and it surprised me when I overheard the compliment.  So, in a turn of kindness I made up the song.  This song was based on ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down.

Years later I would makeup a third song titled Lies of the Beautiful People and I asked Nikki Sixx if he would perform it so to tie into the other songs, The Beautiful People and Beautiful.  We then came up with the band name Sixx A.M. (A.M. being the first 2 letters of my name).

The Pussycat Dolls to Papa Don’t Preach

To the left is my cat which Joe Elliott met when he first came to visit me in ’83.  She inspired him to remake the beginning of the music video to Photograph.

I also used her in the lyrics for the song “Was” performed by Kenny Wayne Shepherd

I had a wandering eye
She was a better time
One twisted heart
A black cat’s walking by.

Joe Elliott’s Union Jack shirt he wore back then and Pyromania were used in the song lyrics for Blue On Black also performed by Kenny Wayne Shephard

Joker on Jack,  Match on a fire

Tom Cruise and I met in the summer of ’83 right as Risky Business was being released in the theaters.  It’s a long story how we met, so bare with me. 

As I have mentioned before, Def Leppard had been on tour with Billy Squier early in the year before embarking on the Rock Till You Drop Tour.  Squier had performed the song “Fast Times (The Best Years Of Our Lives)” for the ’82 Fast Times at Ridgemont High movie soundtrack which starred Tom Cruise’s ’81 Taps movie co-star, Sean Penn.  Fast Times was the debut film of screenwriter/film producer and ex-husband of Nancy Wilson, Seattle bandmember of Heart, Cameron Crowe.  Crowe went on to make Jerry Maguire and Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise.  Basically, it’s all about who you know and Tom had his motives for wanting to meet me.  Getting involved in what they called their “Investment Club” Tom was able to have carte blanche over his career.

Before becoming a professional actor, Tom Cruise starred in his High School production of “Guys and Dolls”.  After meeting him I watched the ’55 movie starring Marlon Brando.  The inspiration for The Pussycat Dolls came from Vivian Blaine and the Goldwyn Girls dressed as pussycats performing the number Pet Me Poppa. http://youtu.be/58J37ZN5hik

The song Pet Me Poppa inspired me to write the song Papa Don’t Preach released in ’86 performed by Madonna.  Does anyone know who Brian “Elliott” is who claims to have written the song?  The song was not actually about being pregnant, but about keeping the man I loved who wanted to marry me.  I was engaged at the age of 16 to a wonderful guy who wasn’t in the entertainment business.  Everyone I knew in the entertainment business tried and succeed in breaking us up. 

After writing many songs for my girl group, including Buttons, Wait A Minute, Don’t Cha, Bottle Pop, Beep, When I Grow Up, it was handed over to Antin who now takes credit as the founder. 

For Michael Jackson I wrote the controversial song “They Don’t Care About Us” using in the lyrics the song title from Guys and Dolls called “Sue Me”.  The song was meant as a montage of rhyming words as well as using song titles such as “Bad”, instead of “Beat It” it was beat me and “Sue Me”.   

Beat me, hate me
You can never break me
Will me, thrill me
You can never kill me
Jew me, sue me

Kurt Cobain followed suit in his now published journals by writing “Sue Me” across the top of a page. He also referenced Michael Jackson’s ’83 hit song “Beat It” in the Nirvana song Spank Thru.

The movie Vanilla Sky took it’s name for one of the artists I wrote a song for and gave him the stage name of Vanilla Ice and a character from Guys and Dolls named Sky.  I wrote several songs using “ice” in the lyrics and Val Kilmer’s character in Top Gun was named Iceman for this very same reason.

Hopefully now everyone will get the Sean Penn and Madonna connection.  Penn starred with Cruise in Taps and I wrote songs for Madonna.